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The funniest way to stop customer Care from disturbing you with unnecessary calls.

  Hello everyone! , Good day. If you are one of the type that receives Call from your customer Care [ either MTN, GLO,Airtel, 9 mobile >]   almost  every time... Then Check out this funny way to STOP such. A friend of mine shared it to me  telling me what happened when he personally called mtn customer care to disturb them also as they have been disturbing him.
  Check out his steps

" I called MTN's customer care number, a lady
picked, and we had this conversation.

Lady: hello, good evening, thanks for calling MTN customer care service, my name is Mary Inam, what's your name and where are you calling from?

Me: hello, gidivi, my name is #EagleBright
and i'm calling from Onitsha Anambra state .

Lady: How may i help you, Mr EagleBright ?

Me: I'm looking for a wife to marry...

Lady: Is that why you called this customer care

Me: Yes, and i think i'm already in love with know you have a very nice voice...

Lady: Hello, please, we only attend to issues
about your MTN line, okay?...

Me: yes o... This is an issue about my MTN line
too...because i spend much credit calling so
many girls asking them about marriage....

Lady: please, i would have to put an end to this

Me: Baby don't talk like that now... I promise to
make you would be happy with
me...can i have your number...

Lady: *raises her voice* come, mr man, i think
something is wrong with you....

Me: *cutting in*... Hey, hold it there...
I hope you
can now feel how frustrating it is to receive a call and hear rubbish?

Now Listen,  From today, warn yourself and every other staff of MTN whatever..let nobody call me with a funny number only for it to be an advert or send me those nonsense messages . 
you guys disturb my phone with daily ,like say am dating MTN . mtchew i hate nonsense"😂😂🚶🚶🏃

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