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How to quickly download youtube videos into your phone or Laptop [2018 update]

 downloading  youtube videos into your phone gallery

best way to download youtube videos to your phone or laptop

Downloading videos from youtube can be a little bit complicating because youtube does not provide any option for that. However, there are still many other ways to download a youtube video  and save directly into your mobile phone.
In this article am going to show you the siplest and fastest way to download a youtube video without visiting any third party website.But before we proceed i'll like to tell you the requirement.
                                         How To Do It
To be able to use this quick method, the only requirment is a brower. Either chrome, firefox, safari, or opera. though i always prefer using chrome or firefox because they are fast in downloading.

     Steps To Downloading Youtube Videos into Your Phone.
download youtube video
step 1
1. In your phone browser, go to the search box and type and click "enter" or "ok". Yo will arrive in yotube homepage where yo can select any video you want to watch or download.
downloading youtube videos
step 2
2. click on any video that yo want to download. If you don't want to watch the video you can simply pause it to avoid decreasing yor data balance.
best site to download youtube video
step 3

3. Now tie to start downloading that very video. In the initial place yo typed go back there. you will see something like edit  it and add "ss" before the "yotube" . that is
4. Yor download is half it's way. you will arrive in a webpage where your download will be made possible. Select the format you like (eg. 3gp, mp4...etc).
how to download youtube video
select the video format and click download
5. Click the download button and your video will be donloaded to your mobile phone or laptop.

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