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How To Get Higher Google Ranking in 2018

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Tonnablog : How to gain higher Google ranking, Higher Google ranking More Traffic

Everyblogger’s dream is to be the best in his niche, and to be found easily when searched on Google. However, there are some problems or issues that can limit your blog’s search presence.

Tonnablog will be listing out some of these issues and also how to tackle them immediately to gain higher Google ranking.

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Now let’s get into how to gain higher Google ranking. 
The first thing you need to do is..

Identify and delete Zombie Pages:
get higher ranking

Google doesn’t award or reward sites that publish lots and lots of contents. It doesn’t not want you to publish contents just for the sake of publishing. In fact, sites with fewer but high quality contents is most likely to be awarded by Google.

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It happened to me also. Then, I was posting and posting , both meaningful and irrelevant contents in my blog just to get much contents and honestly that limited my  blog search presence to zero percent. It was after that I realized what I’ve done to myself and then took actions.

What are Zombie Pages ?
These are pages in your blog that doesn’t provide any useful value or pages with irrelevant contents. These pages do contribute a lot in limiting your blog search presence and the best thing to do is to delete them all.

Examples of zombie pages are:
1. Pages with duplicate contents
2. E commerce product pages with zero sales
3. Old and outdated blog posts.
How to resolve it
The best way to resolve zombie pages issue is to delete those pages. Crawling irrelevant pages pose a greater risk to your blog. So, Find them and delete them.

Find and Fix any Technical SEO issues in your blog

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You may have been publishing good and quality blog content but still doesn’t get recognized on Google. The reason is because you still have some technical SEO issue in your blog.

      There are hundreds of technical problems that can impact your SEO , and fixing them is one of the best way to get higher Google ranking.

How do I identify and fix these Technical SEO issues to get higher Google ranking
Some examples of common technical problem that can limit your blog’s search presence are:
1. Pages blocked by Robots.TxT
2. 302 redirects that should be 301 redirects
3. Broken links
4. Duplicate or missing description tags
5. Duplicate or missing title tags
6. Images with missing alt text.

How to identify which technical issue is affecting my blog

I will recommend you to use “site auditor ” or Site Audit. These two sites will help scan your site and list all the technical problems for free. So go there as soon as possible and get your site analysed.

Evaluate and Improve your site loading speed :
how to gain higher ranking in google
Many bloggers overlook their site loading speed thinking that it has no implications to the site. 

Of course, it does. Your site loading speed determines whether a visitor will immediately read your contents or go away after long waiting for the page to load. This not only affect your page views but also affect your sites search presence in Google.

Search results has shown that faster loading pages boosts SEO.

  Now how do we evaluate and boost the site loading speed
It’s very easy and simple. Just head over to Google page speed insight
and put in your site URL.

Also you can use  GT matrix. Just input your blog URL and get it boosted immediately.
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